April 23, 2008

Yesterday Nicole called me a little frantic. She had gone to the city for some things including her court summons and forgot her ticket. I found it in her room and read to her the time, which was only an hour away. I took a very fast shower and hopped a train to the city to deliver her ticket. Once there she bought me amazing noodles from a little stand by the Canal J train stop and we walked to the court house. I went to the park and ate my noodles and called my parents. I ended up talking to my mother for a long while. She was in bright spirits, which is always comforting. It was sunny and there were beautiful French forign exchange students everywhere and old men playing mah jong on the picnick tables. After lunch and some conversation I went to the court house to wait with Nicole while she waited for her summons hearing to start. I felt really special being there with her. Most everyone there was alone or with a significant other. She is so easy to make laugh, it’s a delight to keep her company while she does her business.

After the hearing we headed to the west village for a waxing appointment. Nicole had her underarms done and I got a brazillian. I’ve never gotten waxed without drinking wine first and was not prepared for how significantly more painful it is that way. Nicole was sweet. She sat at my feet and asked me questions about Jakub to keep my mind off the woman tearing the roots of my hair out. It was done quickly and we went to the White Horse to drink wine afterwords as a reward to ourselves. We sat for over an hour just admiring each other and cute babies and puppies that walked by. It was warm and sunny and we had a lovely spot outside on the sidewalk to drink wine and eat bar food. She looks so beautiful in the sun.

On our walk home we agreed the next time we get our bikini’s waxed together that we are going to take a long bath together first. I want to wash her back for her and rub her little feet with the pummace stone.

Later I had dinner with Jake. He talked about himself as usual. Jake always talks about what he calls radioactive people- that is to say, people who are good in very small doses but harmful with long term exposure. It makes me smile when he says that, because that is exactly what Jake is to me. I do really enjoy him but I eventually become exhausted of constantly talking about him and his intrests and become irratible when he frequently intterupts me to change the subject if I attempt to talk about myself, especially if it has to do with an accomplishment of mine. Regardless, dinner was nice and afterwards he walked me all the way from Bedford to Jakub’s house. I introduced them and motioned Jake away. Jakub and I kissed at the bottom of the stairs for a while before going up to his apartment.

We drank wine and just looked at each other at first. His face literally makes me dizzy. I get endorphins rushing to my brain when I even glance at him. Every shape and line on him makes me feel silly. We sat in the kitchen this way for some time before I asked if he had any board games. We played “Guess Who,” then started to watch The Royal Tannenbaums. Midway through the movie he suggested we “listen to it from his bed,” after I straddled him and rocked back and fourth, looking in his eyes. I said he needed to go first. I followed him to his bed.