April 14, 2008

Jakub spent the night last night. What was a fixation yesterday has turned into total enamorment today. Jakub is breathtaking. When I met him on the street he immediately hugged me with his hands around my waist and not up over my shoulders, which is a certain romantic weakness of mine. While I unlocked my apartment door he again slipped his hands around my waist from behind. As we entered the apartment, the girls were laying about in the living room, chatting and Jakub was very comfortable immediately. We had some wine and watched a movie.

His hand drifted over my thighs and hands and arms while we watched. At some point we started kissing. Jakub is an amazing kisser. I could have been satisfied just kissing him all evening. His lips are big and soft and he has large sharp teeth and holds my face while we kiss. We went back to watching, then after a while, again with the kissing and back to the movie and back to the kissing, etc. After the movie, Jakub, Nicole and I sat around the living room talking and drinking vodka with lemons for hours. It was this point that a crush became just a little bit more than a crush. He is well spoken and well adjusted. Jakub was born in Poland (he speaks Polish- I made him tell me I was pretty in said language) and kidnapped by his mother at a young age and brought to America. He only recently met his father. His grandfather had something to do with a sort of shift out of communism in Poland, specifically though, I forget what. His mother is a painter and his newest stepfather he describes as “the man of the year,” and it seems to me with the experiences he’s lived through, Jakub is not terribly easily impressed. I could be wrong about that. The more he told us about his life and ideas I could feel myself becoming amorous. Around three in the morning we all agreed to go to bed; Jakub came to my room and shut the door.

He was not too eager, or in a rush when he had me alone. We talked a little and slowly began to kiss. He looks boyish, but has all the confidence of a man who is 26 and has been in serious relationships. He took off my shirts and with one hand without looking, my bra. He had his mouth on my breasts immediately, and I was a bit surprised because I had not even once seen him staring at them. He took off my pants and began to frantically kiss my panties and thighs. He took off my underwear and kissed my pussy until I came. I had to push him away to make him stop. He seemed to like it. I had him then, on his back and I took of his shirt. He has a beautiful body. He is waifish, but like most waifish men, he is somehow bigger and much stronger than me. I took off his pants and put his dick in my mouth. First it was soft but became hard without much time or effort. He moaned and made fantastic noises. Jakub is uncut, which I like. I got him very worked up and put a condom on him. Then I turned around on all fours to offer him my ass. Rather than get up and fuck me from behind, he pulled me down, so I was sitting on him backwards, a position that does not work well with every man. However it was comfortable and I was very wet. I fucked him for a while and told him to slap my ass. When he did it was loud like a whip and made my eyes water. I was indescribably surprised that this adorable boy who pines for a fat fluffy bunny for a pet could be such a beast in bed. I told him to pull my hair and he did with equal force. It made me feel really wild and out of control. I stopped moving so as to get underneath him, but he held my hips in place and fucked me very hard before I wrenched away and lay on my back. Jakub fucks hard. And when I told him I liked to be fucked hard, he fucked me harder and faster. He is very expressive when he cums.

We cuddled as per his request for 20 minutes before he was hard again. I went down on him very passionately with the intention of making him cum in my mouth. He let me take it very far and said things like “you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, I can’t believe you,” etc. It seemed like he was close to cumming when he said, “come here,” and pulled me up quickly by the arms to his face to kiss him. Then he said he wanted to go down on me. I told him to go slow. It felt fucking great. He did not go long enough to make me cum but I felt satisfied at how well he does it and how he seems to like eating pussy. He stopped and pushed my legs up so my knees were touching my collarbones. He again fucked very hard and fast with a fierce little expression and he told me I was beautiful. I asked if he would like to cum on me and he hardly had answered me before he had the condom off and was jerking off while I touched myself. When he came it was thick and covered me completely. I cleaned myself off and we tried to sleep for a bit.

Around 6 am I noticed he was very hard again. I was very sleepy so I cannot accurately remember the details. What I do remember clearly was sitting on him and a blue-ish sunlight was spilling in through my thin white curtain. He looked at me and I felt beautiful riding on top of him. I became aware of how he was looking at my breasts moving and became a bit theatrical, throwing my head and body as far back as I could bend and fucking him very hard. When he came we were looking each other in the eyes and he looked like he had received a small electric shock.

Finally after that we slept for two hours before I was to meet my sister in the city for our STD tests. I don’t have aids, that’s fucking great. I find out about the rest in two weeks.

I am going to Jakub’s house tonight. I took maybe 20 free condoms from the clinic today. I intend to use as many as possible.